TBK provides solutions to companies in order to obtain the maximal efficiency both technical and economical from the building resources operating.



Facility Management

TBK can take over the integral services: recruitment, management and controlling aimed to the whole company services. In this kind of service TBK assigns a site manager, or a building responsible for resolving incidents and problems, and to manage people, spaces, or outsourcing services companies.



TBK offers training courses in Facility Management from 2002. We were pioneer with the first Master of Facility Management online in Spanish around the world. Nowadays this course has been made by students from 14 countries.



Energy Efficiency

Reducing cost

Getting low prices

Risk control

To negociate a good price for the next years. Optimizing your management model


To explain your electrics costs with official indicators and to be ready for the future increases in electric prices


We can get your energy consumption data and to analyze them by graphics and curves by means of a software platform.



Ajuntament de Barcelona

Technical assistance and support to the management energy contracts for Barcelona City Council. Energy savings policy implementation. 

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Ajuntament de Santa Coloma

Maintenance Plan public road equipments for Santa Coloma de Gramenet City Council.






Support to general services contracting policy design and implementation CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software).

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Planning and coordination of COFIDIS's move to World Trade Center Almeda Park de Cornellà

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Design of the lay-out of work places and coordination of SEAT's move to Martorell's Headquarters

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Maintenance Plan for R&D Center of the Almirall company

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Master FM

Facility Management degree (460 hours online) through Structuralia web ( Students learning this master come from 14 different countries.

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Electricity Energy management of rising electronic meters of the corporate building.

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